Selasa, 31 Agustus 2010

An Idol

A couple months ago, my seniors insisted me and my friends ( as good junior we have to follow senior’s request right?) to involve on our famous singing contest, is Deloitte Idol. This contest consists of three levels including first round, semifinal and final round. Unfortunately I got stuck on semifinal :P simply just because I forgot the lyric haahhahahaha..seems to be being a singer was totally not my destiny wwkwkkwkw :P. Most of my former college friends didn’t know I can sing hehehe, they got surprised especially who viewed me singing in the contest. Don’t imagine the participant sing in a big stage , it was just a large meeting room with big screen television and sound system, even a big round table used for meeting still in the centre of the room :P. Ok… Let’s forget about stuffs, surprisingly some of participant didn’t wear a common costume :p. From football theme to alienation, from Jakarta to Japan (I wore yukata that borrowed from my high school friend,Dini {You’re such a great friend!!!!!Thank You} on semifinal)…..It was such a great pleasure and experience to know that everyone appreciate me when I sing :D..Oia, I got a big surprise from my sora when he came to see me in the first round, I didn’t know he will come instead….Good Boy!!!!

Let Me Know You Better..

I am simply a full time fashion lover and a part time auditor :p

Female, 23 years old, and currently living in Jakarta.

So, let me know you better trough this blog :)

Minggu, 29 Agustus 2010