Senin, 24 Januari 2011

Hijaby Traditional Costume

She is my junior on campus, her name is Harissa Rakhmadina..Masya Allah, she's so beautiful wearing Minang clothes :)..
Who said hijaber can't wear traditional costume beautifully.. :D

Saturday Night - Arya's Wedding

On saturday i had an invitation from My Sora's friend..It was his wedding, held on Gedung Antam on 19.00 WIB..
Coincidenly, several weeks ago i found some versatile fabrics with elegant colour..Me and my mom was very excited to design the dress and voila, this is the picture :)
Beside the fabrics, i added songket fabric as an accent.. and to make it more elegant i asked the taylor to sew beads all around the layer and on my wrist..

I was trying a new style for my hijab, using layers with two different colours of hijab..i supposed to choose darker colour than this to get layers effect on my head but i thought that was pretty good, at least i wasn't mortify My Sora :)...

By the way, i'm entering my second year as an auditor..more responsible, new client, new friends (nice to meet you :)) ) first when my close friends resigned i thought i will lonely but as time goes by i understand that people will always come and go as long as you live..and for now, i don't really care wether i will be the last person standing or not..
I will always living my own definition of work-life balance, i promise.....

Sabtu, 22 Januari 2011

Gold at The Golden Globe

Coming up from The Golden Globe 2011, some of those celebitites were wearing long dress that covered up most of their body...I always want to go find some good fabric and bring it to taylor everytime see that kind of beautiful, it's always inspiring me..since this year i will attend a bunch of wedding party and wearing batik for most of the time makes me bored...
We can be as elegant as them when wearing long dress like that but be sure the fabrics won't wrap our body too tight...we don't want everybody see our curve right? :)..

If you can't find right dress that covered up your body just go with your topless dress (for example) and wear it with bolero or blazer..that's better than you have to wear underneath t-shirt before the gown..
Match your whole look with heels and clutch..
So you're ready walking down the party.. :)

Senin, 17 Januari 2011

A Pair of Good Shoes

"It's important to have at least one pair of good shoes..and everytime you don't have an extraordinary thing to wear, it will definetely save your day.."


My Work-Life Balance

Salam ladies, how are you recently?
It's hard for me to still having a work-life balance while working in this kind of industry..
but i'm trying..
and after several sleepless day i took some time to relax with my Sora..
on saturday..
after i finished my work at the office..
we went to Gramedia, it was a simple date but means a lot to me :)

Outfit : alisha hijab, grace knitwear, jimmy martin jeans

Weather in Jakarta is sooo unpredictable nowadays but most of it are rainy..i decided to wear this sweater althought office people didn't turn on the AC but it's so comfortable..
Sweather is not for granny anymore, we still can wear it without being so old..
just choose cute pattern or pastel colour or both..
and if the sweater is too loose just wear tiny belt to overcome it..
match it with skinny jeans and boots..
so you ready to rock the weather.. :)

Minggu, 02 Januari 2011

Brother's Jeans

Someone's Blog (I Forgot the source hehe) 

Outfit : Alisha hijab, unbranded tee, guess jeans, marie clair pink mochasin

Salam Ladies…
What’s up ladies? I must be pass a lot of things recently L..It’s already busy season now so I can’t stand staying up late for updating..
Mm,I will share you things that happened during I’m  MIA (Missing in Action) hehe..
Two weeks ago My Sora and his family came to my home in Bandung to proposed me..I’m sooooo happy..and now I’m officially engaged..We’re going to be married in June 2011, Insha Allah..wish me people J
Oya, I’ll share you the outfit that I wore at that time later on..
Secondly, I’m gaining 3 kgs body looks wider and heavier since I’m very lazy to work out :P..even my client’s driver in Karawang recognize it..
And this is my outfit for today..It’s used to be my brother’s jeans but he never wear it since first time he bought so he decided to give it to me, kind of dark baggy jeans..
Boyfriend jeans is good when it is pair with something simple like t-shirt or white shirt..i’m wearing it with white t-shirt, soooo comfy ..
The best shoes for boyfriend jeans are flats but it you are short or have short legs trying to wear it with gladiator heels..
We are entering rainy season here in Indonesia so I decided to wear my hijab as a scarf to, you can see I wrap my neck using hijab and tied it up.
When you’re wearing this kind of outfit be sure to keep it as simple as possible..
Wish us a very blast year full of joy, happiness and many great dreams to be reach.. J amiiiiiiiiinnnn Ya Allah..