Senin, 17 Januari 2011

My Work-Life Balance

Salam ladies, how are you recently?
It's hard for me to still having a work-life balance while working in this kind of industry..
but i'm trying..
and after several sleepless day i took some time to relax with my Sora..
on saturday..
after i finished my work at the office..
we went to Gramedia, it was a simple date but means a lot to me :)

Outfit : alisha hijab, grace knitwear, jimmy martin jeans

Weather in Jakarta is sooo unpredictable nowadays but most of it are rainy..i decided to wear this sweater althought office people didn't turn on the AC but it's so comfortable..
Sweather is not for granny anymore, we still can wear it without being so old..
just choose cute pattern or pastel colour or both..
and if the sweater is too loose just wear tiny belt to overcome it..
match it with skinny jeans and boots..
so you ready to rock the weather.. :)

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