Senin, 24 Januari 2011

Saturday Night - Arya's Wedding

On saturday i had an invitation from My Sora's friend..It was his wedding, held on Gedung Antam on 19.00 WIB..
Coincidenly, several weeks ago i found some versatile fabrics with elegant colour..Me and my mom was very excited to design the dress and voila, this is the picture :)
Beside the fabrics, i added songket fabric as an accent.. and to make it more elegant i asked the taylor to sew beads all around the layer and on my wrist..

I was trying a new style for my hijab, using layers with two different colours of hijab..i supposed to choose darker colour than this to get layers effect on my head but i thought that was pretty good, at least i wasn't mortify My Sora :)...

By the way, i'm entering my second year as an auditor..more responsible, new client, new friends (nice to meet you :)) ) first when my close friends resigned i thought i will lonely but as time goes by i understand that people will always come and go as long as you live..and for now, i don't really care wether i will be the last person standing or not..
I will always living my own definition of work-life balance, i promise.....

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