Kamis, 28 Oktober 2010

Related To Auditing

"The company, nature of bussiness, and people may equal to prior year but The industry is always changing..."

-My Senior-

Rabu, 27 Oktober 2010

Landing On Bandung

I've received this picture from My Sora (My Sora, where did get this from??) and forget asking where did he get this pict..Anyway, it's a good news for those who live in Bandung or who will be able to come to this show..The Temper Trap will show us their best performance on Indonesia Tour 2010 :)..Hope they'll come to Jakarta later and i will be able to come.. :D

Senin, 25 Oktober 2010

Red and Keith

Outfit : tailor made double hicon hijab, red hot jeans blazer, unbranded maxi dress,nevada sandal, mom's pappilon vintage bag

I really had a great weekend yesterday, after spending a whole weekend digging numbers at Karawang i surely want to have some fun..and then i go out with Ina and Lia.Actually Galih planned to come with us but in the last minute she still got something to do so here we are :)..

i love the background <3

Mom's bag, from different side

We didn't go too far from our lodging house because that was sunday and Lia will go to Padang on the next day so we decided to eat pancake at Pancious (Plaza Indonesia) and having time to sing at Sarinah.. :P
I choosed Choco pancake, thought that it won't make my stomach full but unfortunately it was (because of that choco pancake i didn't eat anything until monday morning..) but the taste is sooo good. Lia ordered beef bacon pancake since she hadn't eat anything and Ina ate blueberry cheese pancake with double pancake :P

All eyes in red, a beautiful coincidence :)

When we ended the singing time, My Sora picked me up to go watching some movie. I still want to see "Eat, Pray, Love" but unfortunately, we were missing that movie for about 30 minutes. Ouch, i feel disapointed but then we go to Plaza Semanggi to go shopping. Guess what??? We met Keith Martin..I'm not a big fanatic fans of him but i like several songs of him. That was his last day in Indonesia, he came with his music director. I remember watching him on TV a couple days ago promoting his new duet album with Soraya, the first single title is "I Give You Me".

New Things : Over Knee Socks From Sox Gallery and Cream Wedges from Marie Claire

When i got inside Sox Gallery shop i saw black over knee sox, i have it on grey colour and still want to buy the black one so i bought it. I also bought this wedges, the colour is cute and it's a basic colour so i can mix and match it with my clothes.

Jumat, 22 Oktober 2010

Fresh Graduate

Outifit : Tailor made national dress (Called Kebaya), Mom's fabric from Minangkabau wore as skirt (Called Songket), China silk scarf , paris hijab, unbranded shoes, fancy hijab done by Rabbani Crew

No, i'm not a fresh graduate anymore, i've just discovered the old pictures from my disk and found this.This picture was taken on May 26, 2009 by My Sora (still, :D ) when i was graduated from my college.The quality is not really good but i like colour combination of my outfit and the background, somehow it rhymes..Actually that place is a instant hijab store called Rabbani ( my favourit store to buy instant hijab, clothes and other stuffs related to hijab). The songket belongs to my mom and she keep it for almost twenty years without getting dull.

I love the way they dress my cute and the make-up  was also nice and not excessive, reminds of the ambience, people, my parents, my Sora, my friends...... and Bandung..
By the way, tonight is a full moon and i still have to finish my work.. :(
So good nite everyone..

Selasa, 19 Oktober 2010

Traped on The Temper Trap

Currently see my friend posted their video on FB, and then i realized that they took a part on 500 Days of Summer's original soundtrack also this Sweet Disposition is becoming a backsound of an advertisement on TV.

Surprisingly, the vocalist (Dougy Mandagi) Indonesian!!!!!!!

Black and Beautiful

It was hard to get this look, even in the midnight because HI was still crowded

This is the complement for my office anniversary posting. In the middle of Project Pop's part, my sora picked me up and he took my picture at Bundaran HI. It was so shame because Bundaran HI was still crowded and people stared at us along the photo session.. :)

Pardon my oily face :P

Outfit : Yongki Komaladi clutch, casandra hijab piece, unbranded paris hijab, unbranded long sleeve, X long dress, Yongki Komaladi high heels, mask- party property

Senin, 18 Oktober 2010

Eka's Happy Wedding

Outfit : unbranded paris hijab, unbranded gold scarf, brooche, unbranded long sleeve, unbranded scarf dress, unbranded legging, scorpion black boots, pappilon little black bag

Eka's wedding held at Thamrin city near my lodging house so i decided to go with Ines (because she didn't have someone to bring with :P).We arrived at 07.30 PM, after several minutes looking for the room (the room is hiding behind the counters).The room is not really big and since that was my first attending to the Chinesse wedding, i was amazed about gown, food and  the rituals.

Pardon the kiosk that appeared in this picture

This hijab was my first experiment.It took a half day, thousand times trial and error,and thousand pages of magazine to make this kind of hijab and i really so intend to make it a good one hehe :) (i'm kidding :P). It makes me looked different than my daily look, i feel beautiful :P ..Actually i want My Sora to see me wearing this but he couldn't accompany me :(

Because the wedding was held at the same time with Leo's wedding (another colleague but he didn't invite me because i don't really know him), my office friend just come and go, they didn't stay any longer. I didn't get any awesome look at that day, only Lia with her signature hair and look.

Together as One..It's Our Anniversary..

Young, Beautiful, Talented :P

It's our annniversary!!!!!let's celebrate..
On 1st October, my office celebrate it's 20th anniversary, held at Ritz-Carlton Ballrom (Pacific Place). It was a compulsory gala dinner so we didn't want to miss it, even our director gave us a half day leave to prepare for this event (They also sent us the engagement code for this leave..can you imagine how big this event?). The dress code was black and silver (mostly of us prefer to wear black other than silver). When we were entering the gate, we noted to sign our name on the list (just like other office's event) and got a mask, mine and ines were a green ones.

Unfortunately i forgot to take a picture of everybody's outfit. I saw a few deloitte's personnel who using hijab like me with differrent kind of unique dress, from a glamour abaya until little black dress with tights (i never prefer this match-making because the tights is too tight, showing our curve and that's absolutely prohibited for us who using jilbab).

 Indonesian's Next Top Models hahaha :D

 Me and Ines

I didn't eat to much at that time but the dessert that i try (such as little cake and puding) were delicious.
At the beginning, the event was quite boring so we just took a picture, laughed and eat in the front of the ballroom.Everybody was so exciting..:)
Left side : Deloitte's red carpet, Right side : The gate when we entering the ballroom

Actually i prepare another dress for this party. I've already bought the fabrics, searching for the models but the tailor-woman said that my dress was not completely sewn..Ouch, that made me disapointed..very disapointed. Then in the last minute i went to Senayan Plaza, searching for a long dress. And this is the best i can i get.This long dress doesn't have a sleeve and then i mix it with black long sleeve t-shirt.Not bad after all :)

This is my favourite picture, naughty and misterius hehe..taken by Ines, she really jeoulus when looked at this picture.All of the mask are green and everybody wore black dress..cute :P

When Project Pop singing, we moved to the stage, jumping and singing along..We had a beautiful moment back then..It was awesome!!!!!!

Purple Things

Outfit : instant hijab from Rabbani, unbranded velvet drees, unbranded black jeans,red hot blazer, black velvet crocs, little bag from pappilon

This is the outfit that i wore when go with Ina to buy a dress for deloitte anniversary. I love the purple dress, the colour is sooooo meee..(yes,my favourit colour is purple), colour of the dress is also match with my hand fan..

The same outfit, the same place, just different pose :P

This is the new things that i buy from Sox Galeri.Different from the first one that i bought, these socks are not high-knee socks (little dissapointed after all) and maybe that's why the fabrics are not as strech as it..I still don't know when will i wear this socks but i like all of the socks's stripe..It's fun.

Two in A Row

Left Side Pict : (from left to right) Oline,Ines, Me, Aya
Right Side Pict : (from left to right) Cia, Olin, Ci Novi, Lia, Illona, Memel

Peak season is come!!!!!!!! so i only have a little time left for myself..This posting is supposed to be posted at 5th october but since i've already go to my clients (yes clients, not client)..but let's forget it for a while.
We were treated by 2 person on 5th october..and it was two in a row..lunch and dinner including no time to touch WP (even laptop hihihihi)..
First treat came from our Partner (Bang KS) to celebrate his birthday.We ate at Foodism (Senayan City), we went together to the place from the office using Alphard happy :D..We divided as two parts in order to take picture, black and white..Surprisingly,everybody seems to be noted to wear black and white dresscode..just like gala lunch, lia said (she said that because her outfit was to fancy just to go for a lunch :P)


The food was not really good, i thought. I ordered fish grill and the picture was not tantalize (pardon me, this picture was taken on my second douceur)..I was not satisfied about the food, neither of my friend.After had a lunch, we go to Pasar baru to buy souvenir for Eka who will be ended her assignment on our office :(. We decided to buy a necklace, cute necklace but i didn't have an opportunity to take the picture, everybody was in a rush because it when we go back to the office, it was already 04.00 PM hehe..Hm, what kind of the office who will allow you go back fro the lunch at 04.00 PM??hehe, only our industry..for sure :P.

I found this add when we parked (it was Ines who park her car actually and we just only sit hehe) on Pacific Place to Ta Wan restaurant. It was quite connect to the pictures after, look of the day hehe.

Left side : Lia, Right side : Illona

People at my office rarely using jilbab because most of the are non mouslem but this kind of outfit that i choose to be the look of the day are awesome. Lia using LBD with lace blazer and white necklace but i think it's better if the LBD doesn't have a sleeve at all. Illona's LBD is very unique with the details on shoulder, match with her pointed-T bar-shoes (luv he shoes!!!).Unfortunately i didn't take my outfit picture huhu..

The surprized face of Eka when we give her the necklace + a beautiful handbag

Ta Wan restaurant in Pacific Place is not quite large place but the food is good altough it's kind of common food (but the seafood lumpia is delicioso :P).We distracted Eka's attention when we write card and letter for her souvenir. Eka will get married soon and that's why she's resign from our office.For Eka's closest friends, it might  be hard loosing some of their colleague but In our life, everybody will come and go, the ending is the begining of something (Semisonic said)..and that was the story of some beautiful ending and begining..