Senin, 18 Oktober 2010

Eka's Happy Wedding

Outfit : unbranded paris hijab, unbranded gold scarf, brooche, unbranded long sleeve, unbranded scarf dress, unbranded legging, scorpion black boots, pappilon little black bag

Eka's wedding held at Thamrin city near my lodging house so i decided to go with Ines (because she didn't have someone to bring with :P).We arrived at 07.30 PM, after several minutes looking for the room (the room is hiding behind the counters).The room is not really big and since that was my first attending to the Chinesse wedding, i was amazed about gown, food and  the rituals.

Pardon the kiosk that appeared in this picture

This hijab was my first experiment.It took a half day, thousand times trial and error,and thousand pages of magazine to make this kind of hijab and i really so intend to make it a good one hehe :) (i'm kidding :P). It makes me looked different than my daily look, i feel beautiful :P ..Actually i want My Sora to see me wearing this but he couldn't accompany me :(

Because the wedding was held at the same time with Leo's wedding (another colleague but he didn't invite me because i don't really know him), my office friend just come and go, they didn't stay any longer. I didn't get any awesome look at that day, only Lia with her signature hair and look.

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