Senin, 18 Oktober 2010

Together as One..It's Our Anniversary..

Young, Beautiful, Talented :P

It's our annniversary!!!!!let's celebrate..
On 1st October, my office celebrate it's 20th anniversary, held at Ritz-Carlton Ballrom (Pacific Place). It was a compulsory gala dinner so we didn't want to miss it, even our director gave us a half day leave to prepare for this event (They also sent us the engagement code for this leave..can you imagine how big this event?). The dress code was black and silver (mostly of us prefer to wear black other than silver). When we were entering the gate, we noted to sign our name on the list (just like other office's event) and got a mask, mine and ines were a green ones.

Unfortunately i forgot to take a picture of everybody's outfit. I saw a few deloitte's personnel who using hijab like me with differrent kind of unique dress, from a glamour abaya until little black dress with tights (i never prefer this match-making because the tights is too tight, showing our curve and that's absolutely prohibited for us who using jilbab).

 Indonesian's Next Top Models hahaha :D

 Me and Ines

I didn't eat to much at that time but the dessert that i try (such as little cake and puding) were delicious.
At the beginning, the event was quite boring so we just took a picture, laughed and eat in the front of the ballroom.Everybody was so exciting..:)
Left side : Deloitte's red carpet, Right side : The gate when we entering the ballroom

Actually i prepare another dress for this party. I've already bought the fabrics, searching for the models but the tailor-woman said that my dress was not completely sewn..Ouch, that made me disapointed..very disapointed. Then in the last minute i went to Senayan Plaza, searching for a long dress. And this is the best i can i get.This long dress doesn't have a sleeve and then i mix it with black long sleeve t-shirt.Not bad after all :)

This is my favourite picture, naughty and misterius hehe..taken by Ines, she really jeoulus when looked at this picture.All of the mask are green and everybody wore black dress..cute :P

When Project Pop singing, we moved to the stage, jumping and singing along..We had a beautiful moment back then..It was awesome!!!!!!

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