Senin, 18 Oktober 2010

Two in A Row

Left Side Pict : (from left to right) Oline,Ines, Me, Aya
Right Side Pict : (from left to right) Cia, Olin, Ci Novi, Lia, Illona, Memel

Peak season is come!!!!!!!! so i only have a little time left for myself..This posting is supposed to be posted at 5th october but since i've already go to my clients (yes clients, not client)..but let's forget it for a while.
We were treated by 2 person on 5th october..and it was two in a row..lunch and dinner including no time to touch WP (even laptop hihihihi)..
First treat came from our Partner (Bang KS) to celebrate his birthday.We ate at Foodism (Senayan City), we went together to the place from the office using Alphard happy :D..We divided as two parts in order to take picture, black and white..Surprisingly,everybody seems to be noted to wear black and white dresscode..just like gala lunch, lia said (she said that because her outfit was to fancy just to go for a lunch :P)


The food was not really good, i thought. I ordered fish grill and the picture was not tantalize (pardon me, this picture was taken on my second douceur)..I was not satisfied about the food, neither of my friend.After had a lunch, we go to Pasar baru to buy souvenir for Eka who will be ended her assignment on our office :(. We decided to buy a necklace, cute necklace but i didn't have an opportunity to take the picture, everybody was in a rush because it when we go back to the office, it was already 04.00 PM hehe..Hm, what kind of the office who will allow you go back fro the lunch at 04.00 PM??hehe, only our industry..for sure :P.

I found this add when we parked (it was Ines who park her car actually and we just only sit hehe) on Pacific Place to Ta Wan restaurant. It was quite connect to the pictures after, look of the day hehe.

Left side : Lia, Right side : Illona

People at my office rarely using jilbab because most of the are non mouslem but this kind of outfit that i choose to be the look of the day are awesome. Lia using LBD with lace blazer and white necklace but i think it's better if the LBD doesn't have a sleeve at all. Illona's LBD is very unique with the details on shoulder, match with her pointed-T bar-shoes (luv he shoes!!!).Unfortunately i didn't take my outfit picture huhu..

The surprized face of Eka when we give her the necklace + a beautiful handbag

Ta Wan restaurant in Pacific Place is not quite large place but the food is good altough it's kind of common food (but the seafood lumpia is delicioso :P).We distracted Eka's attention when we write card and letter for her souvenir. Eka will get married soon and that's why she's resign from our office.For Eka's closest friends, it might  be hard loosing some of their colleague but In our life, everybody will come and go, the ending is the begining of something (Semisonic said)..and that was the story of some beautiful ending and begining..

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