Senin, 18 Oktober 2010

Purple Things

Outfit : instant hijab from Rabbani, unbranded velvet drees, unbranded black jeans,red hot blazer, black velvet crocs, little bag from pappilon

This is the outfit that i wore when go with Ina to buy a dress for deloitte anniversary. I love the purple dress, the colour is sooooo meee..(yes,my favourit colour is purple), colour of the dress is also match with my hand fan..

The same outfit, the same place, just different pose :P

This is the new things that i buy from Sox Galeri.Different from the first one that i bought, these socks are not high-knee socks (little dissapointed after all) and maybe that's why the fabrics are not as strech as it..I still don't know when will i wear this socks but i like all of the socks's stripe..It's fun.

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