Jumat, 22 Oktober 2010

Fresh Graduate

Outifit : Tailor made national dress (Called Kebaya), Mom's fabric from Minangkabau wore as skirt (Called Songket), China silk scarf , paris hijab, unbranded shoes, fancy hijab done by Rabbani Crew

No, i'm not a fresh graduate anymore, i've just discovered the old pictures from my disk and found this.This picture was taken on May 26, 2009 by My Sora (still, :D ) when i was graduated from my college.The quality is not really good but i like colour combination of my outfit and the background, somehow it rhymes..Actually that place is a instant hijab store called Rabbani ( my favourit store to buy instant hijab, clothes and other stuffs related to hijab). The songket belongs to my mom and she keep it for almost twenty years without getting dull.

I love the way they dress my cute and the make-up  was also nice and not excessive, reminds of the ambience, people, my parents, my Sora, my friends...... and Bandung..
By the way, tonight is a full moon and i still have to finish my work.. :(
So good nite everyone..

2 komentar:

  1. Aww nice kebaya & songket :D
    Honestly I adore hijabis who can manage to cover their chest (with hijab) while still being able to look gorgeous, and you made it!! ^o^

  2. Thank you,althought not as expert as you Tia :P...salam kenal :)