Senin, 25 Oktober 2010

Red and Keith

Outfit : tailor made double hicon hijab, red hot jeans blazer, unbranded maxi dress,nevada sandal, mom's pappilon vintage bag

I really had a great weekend yesterday, after spending a whole weekend digging numbers at Karawang i surely want to have some fun..and then i go out with Ina and Lia.Actually Galih planned to come with us but in the last minute she still got something to do so here we are :)..

i love the background <3

Mom's bag, from different side

We didn't go too far from our lodging house because that was sunday and Lia will go to Padang on the next day so we decided to eat pancake at Pancious (Plaza Indonesia) and having time to sing at Sarinah.. :P
I choosed Choco pancake, thought that it won't make my stomach full but unfortunately it was (because of that choco pancake i didn't eat anything until monday morning..) but the taste is sooo good. Lia ordered beef bacon pancake since she hadn't eat anything and Ina ate blueberry cheese pancake with double pancake :P

All eyes in red, a beautiful coincidence :)

When we ended the singing time, My Sora picked me up to go watching some movie. I still want to see "Eat, Pray, Love" but unfortunately, we were missing that movie for about 30 minutes. Ouch, i feel disapointed but then we go to Plaza Semanggi to go shopping. Guess what??? We met Keith Martin..I'm not a big fanatic fans of him but i like several songs of him. That was his last day in Indonesia, he came with his music director. I remember watching him on TV a couple days ago promoting his new duet album with Soraya, the first single title is "I Give You Me".

New Things : Over Knee Socks From Sox Gallery and Cream Wedges from Marie Claire

When i got inside Sox Gallery shop i saw black over knee sox, i have it on grey colour and still want to buy the black one so i bought it. I also bought this wedges, the colour is cute and it's a basic colour so i can mix and match it with my clothes.

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