Senin, 22 November 2010

Square Scarf

Outfit : Giovanni scarf, heart-shapped brooche, marshella blouse, logo jeans, marie claire sandals, papilon bag & belt

Salam Ladies,
At last friday, after office hour i attended my friend's film premiere (lucky me, there was no overtime for that day :p)..Her name is Siska as i told you before..That was her first debut as a film maker..The film, titled "Tanggal Merah", told us to be more tolerant with other people with different religion..
My Sora told me that her effort to pursuit her dream ( as a filmmaker ) is really inspiring..Before she joining the team to make this film, she has failed 3 times in a row but she didn't give up and..finnally this year she became a finalist of this Indonesia International Fantastic Film Festival :)..I'll be waiting for your next film, Sis!!!!

So, this is the result of my trial and error wearing square scarf with Arabian style..Commonly people wearing rectangular scarf with Arabian style but i don't have a lot of rectangular scarf to wear and then i saw my mom's scarf..My Mom and i rarely wearing those scarfs beacuse the fabric ( It's silk ) is too sleek an gets ruined easily :(..but most of them have a beautiful pattern with bold colour..I think this kind of scarf is quite awesome if it's combined with Arabian style..
Oya, when i entering Blitz Megaplex at Grand Indonesia to watch Siska's movie, Someone (I thought that he is a security personnel) asking me wether i've already arrived from pilgrimage hehehehe..I just said amiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnn :P...
In this Monday which is i don't like { The Transjakarta Busway was sooooooo crowded :( }....i just wanna say, Have a beautiful dreams and Good Night everyone..*smooch..:)

Minggu, 21 November 2010

HFW Day 7

Outfit : Alisha hijab, underneath shirt, promod scarf worn as dress, logo jeans, crocs flat shoes

Salam ladies,
This is the last day of our great Hijabi Fashion Week..I'm sad but happy at the same moment :)..Sad because i will leave this great event and happy because i've met other people who has the same interest with me from all around the world...Together on Sisterhood, i love this ukhuwah :)..
I'm a newbie at this blogging world and still on continous learning (for every things of our lives should be) and for this theme i shared you a casual look of mine :)..Hope you'll like it..I accept critics and comments too so feel free to share your opinion..
Ouh, i've got to say sorry for being late posting this theme..There're a lot of things to catch up..Even i  don't have my me time nowadays, seriously :(..
So, have a blast weekend..please visit other fabolous look on Modesty Theory..
See You... :)

Sabtu, 20 November 2010

HFW Day 6 : Dating.. *Wink

Outfit : Donnatelo Scarf, Candice Cardgi, tailored made skirt worn as dress, unbranded leging, scorpion boots, papilon bag, brooch, unbranded belt

Salam ladies,
This is my favourit theme of all since i've never wore this kind of outfit when having a date with My Sora :P..Purple outfit always boost up my confidence and i decided to pair it with leather..
My Sora took this picture a couple weeks ago at Grand Indonesia..There are many beautiful spots to be used as a background..inspite of people who were staring at me while we were doing a photo session :P...

Aaarrggg, actually i'm too tired for writing this post..So thank you for checking my look, have a blast weekens and don't forget to visit  Modesty Theory..
Seeee Youuuuu...


Copying from my page on Looklet

Instead of completing my working paper i ended with this look on looklet :P..Seriously in love with the trench coat that makes me want to go searching some good and fine fabric and take them to the tailor hehe..i'll lengthen my "To Buy" list for this :P..
It's suitable on winter season but for two-seasons country like mine just choose light and unsleeve tunic and if you're a walker, wedges boots might be a good companion :)..
One tips from me, if you're wearing mostly on brownie colour just put something with different colour to avoid the look becomes dull and dirty..In this look i added a fadded skinny jeans..
Unfortunately, on looklet that contains designer's stuff, i couldn't find many choices of scarf that can be used as hijab..i've imagined that Sonia Rykiel's scarf is worn as a hijab on that look, must be good.. :)

Jumat, 19 November 2010

HFW Day 5 : Weekend Wear

Outfit : unbranded paris hijab, mix it cardigan & tunic, no name jeans, crocs, reebok bag

Salam ladies,
So this gonna be a quick post since i'm running out of my time (wuuuuuuaaaaaaaa, weekend is already coming.. >,<)..
Actually, this oufit is a repost from my older posting but i still can use it for this day theme..I always love combination of tunic and cardi, it boosts up my mood hehe..On the weekend i usually hang out either with girls or My Sora or both :)..but when i need a time to be alone, just relax and enjoying weekend on my room i preffer my pajamas :P..

Btw, today i try to wear my hijab using different style..hope it'll look good on me :), i'll post it later..and i've got an invitation to watch Siska's first film on INNAFF at Blitz (Grand Indonesia)..yay!!!!!
Hope everything's going right today, Amiiiinnn!!!!
Please visit to see the whole look of the participants.. :)

Kamis, 18 November 2010

HFW Day 4 : Vacation Is Where I Wanna Be - Vacation / Holiday

Outfit : Rabbani hijab, Giselle blouse, mom's maxi skirt, papilon bag, rabbani brooches, marie claire gladiator sandal

Salam ladies,
Vacation should be fun and memorable, i choose this fun outfit to accompany me spending a whole day on vacation :D..Not too colourful but i like the natural colours on my body..By the way this theme reminds me of next week..I'm going to Bangka with colleagues!!!!..I can't wait for next week..It'll be sooooo much fun since outing this year has been cancelled several times..

As i said yesterday, this week is gonna be a loooooooongg week..related to my assignment : there are many deadlines, a lot of things to be followed up and on Friday everything must be clear :(..On the weekend, i must face two test sequentially..hope everything will be alright, amiiiiiiinnn...
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Thank you for checking mine.. :)

Rabu, 17 November 2010

HFW Day 3 : Girls Just Wanna Have Fun - Girls Night Out

Outfit : Donatello scarf, chinesse summer dress, inner shirt, logo jeans, bettina shoes, unbranded frog purse

Salam Ladies,
Happy Eid Mubarrak!!!!!!!!
Today's theme is what i usually wear when going out with my friends..I usually wear this kind of outfit when we're going out..Simple pattern and model with a touch of colourful..I really love summer dress eventhough the one that i wore in the picture doesn't have flowery pattern :P..
I bought this summerdress on Gedebage, Bandung..It is a large park divided into lot of lots that sale second stuffs..If you were lucky enough you'll find designer's stuffs there..But i can't stand by the dust, it makes me sniffs all the time and by end of my shopping there i always get sick.. :(

This frog purse is a gift from my friend when i was on senior high school..I still keep it because it's very unique, made from beads that sewn on the top of the purse..My mom gave me this butterfly ornament shoes last year..It has kitten heels which make this shoes more feminine..

Check the rest of other blogger's look at
Happy holiday everyone!!!! :D

Selasa, 16 November 2010

HFW Day 2 : Celebrate Good Times - Eid

Outfit (most of all are unbranded) : white paris hijab, black paris hijab worn as turban, brooches, white t-shirt, big black belt, maxi dress worn as skirt, yongki komaladi caged-shoes

Today is our second Hijab Fashion Week, my blog traffic is increase significantly because of this event (Thank you so much Em for hosting this big event.. :D) ..This is still a busy season for auditor like us so even i only have a little time, i will catch up everything about this.. :P
Tomorrow is our holy Idul Adha, that'll be my first time doing qurban and i'm sooo exciting about this..Though on calender holiday is just one day, i'm going home to celebrate Idul Adha with my family in Bandung..

This is my second experience to dress up my hijab ( First time is when i go to my coleague's wedding)..Actualy it's so simple and i only need less than a half hour doing this :P..i love this look because turban style is very inspiring for me and it's still cover up my chess..

Still got 5 days left, keep turn your eyes on us and please kindly visit to see the whole look..
Have a nice day everyone!!!!!! :)

Senin, 15 November 2010

HFW Day 1 : "Money On My Mind"

Outfit : unbranded paris hijab, tailor made tunic (designed by me :p ), arnessio pants, scorpion shoes, papilon bag

I was having such a bad day and didn't have time to write on this post but in the end of today i decided to write something..
This is my daily look when i go to my client..Currently, i'm working as an auditor for international accounting firm located at Jakarta..As an auditor, every year we always have a busy time for about 9 months and must go to our client..That's why i wear pants alot, because i am a public transportation user and usualy get client that located far from my lodging house.

The details :


Shoes & Tunic

I love to design my own clothes and this tunic is one of my sketch..I often buy some fabric and go to the tailor to get her sew it for me..The result is sometime dissapointed me but overall her work is good and i'm happy when i pick my new dress made by her..

Kindly please visit to see the all the looks :)..
Happy HFW, everyone!!!!!!!!

Minggu, 14 November 2010

Beautiful Coincidence

Outfit : unbranded paris hijab,spandex cap and scarf, tailor made long dress, armira shoes, papilon purse

A couple weeks ago My Sora asked me to accompany him to her friend's walimahan which was held on Kologdam, Bandung on Saturday Nov 12, 2010. Then i told my parents that i'm going to go to the event, My Mom shocked because she's going to the same Walimahan took place on Kologdam and when i asked what's the name of the bride My Mom  answerred the same as My Sora..It was a beautiful coincidence to go to someone's Walimahan with My Family and My Future Husband.. :)

My Mom allowed me to wear her dress because the dress is look good on me rather than if she's wearing it :P..Actually it's not my size, shoulders of the dress looks down on me and i can't see curve of my body on it hehe..but it is a great dress,i love the outer which was made from lace ( I asked the merchant.. :P). The combination of purple and yellow on my hijab is also beautiful, i dressed my hijab on the last minute..:)

My Dad, My Mom, Me, and My Little Brother (Daffa)

We went to Alisha after the event and i found some good stuffs there..I bought my first bangle..yes, this is the first time i buy a bangle and felt very exciting.. :P..I also planned to buy a pashmina to wear it with Arabian style and i found these hijab..

The fabrics are sooooo soft even thought size of these pashmina is quite big to wear as a hijab..but i don't care, i felt in love with the fabrics and pattern and decided to buy these two pashmina..Arrived at home, i'm doing nothing but trying to wrap it on my head and copying that Arabian style on mine.. :P

By the way, the next 7 days will be the busiest week ever as i'm joining Hijab Fashion Week, will face the TPA test for BPK recruitment and the last but not least, my assignment on client..Ya Allah, give me more power, consistensy, and concentration..Amiiiiiiiiinnnn...
Good Night everyone, Have an Ice Cream.. :P

Selasa, 09 November 2010

Blazer & Skirt

Left Side : LV Fall 2010
Right Side : Martini Fall 2010

This fall season 2010, skirt and minimalist style will be a great inspirations to wear. Designers seems too tired to make a complex design. Midi skirt that flowing just like LV's will be much seen on the runway.Actually this kind of outfit was also popularized by Prada in the late 1990 and now, Celine through its designer, Phoebe Phillo, make it as a kind of modern yet trendy style to follow..Yaay, it's classic revival!!
I heart the combination of skirt and LV's blazer and tried to copy it.. :P
This is my look Todayyy.. :)

Outfit : unbranded Paris hijab, Zara Basic Blazer, Rheina T-shirt, Tailor Made Grey Skirt

It's been a long time since the last time i wore that Zara blazer gift from My Sora..So today i decided to wear it, mix with grey skirt. Last time i wear it with a trouser my client said that i look like a doctor :(...but today was definitely different..I thought a soft colour skirt is a great choice to be pair with this white blazer..People won't think you come from some hospital near their office.. :P..Besides, my client now is located at Prudential Tower, their bussiness is lease a buliding not automotive manufacturing again and people at that place tend to wear formal outfit.
The size, cutting, and colour of That blazer are great but still i don't really like the shoulder pads, made me looks older and my shoulder looks too sharp hehehe..
Kindly thought that it would be nice if i add an accessoriess but then realized it is a minimalist style so i changed my mind.. :P

Shoes by Scorpion

I don't have much high heels to go to the office since i am still a public transportation user who usually wear sandals from my lodging house and change it when arrived but this is my favourite black one..Not a branded shoes actually but their pair of shoes is soooo comfy to wear even if i have to walk down the street..I have another pair with tan colour..