Minggu, 21 November 2010

HFW Day 7

Outfit : Alisha hijab, underneath shirt, promod scarf worn as dress, logo jeans, crocs flat shoes

Salam ladies,
This is the last day of our great Hijabi Fashion Week..I'm sad but happy at the same moment :)..Sad because i will leave this great event and happy because i've met other people who has the same interest with me from all around the world...Together on Sisterhood, i love this ukhuwah :)..
I'm a newbie at this blogging world and still on continous learning (for every things of our lives should be) and for this theme i shared you a casual look of mine :)..Hope you'll like it..I accept critics and comments too so feel free to share your opinion..
Ouh, i've got to say sorry for being late posting this theme..There're a lot of things to catch up..Even i  don't have my me time nowadays, seriously :(..
So, have a blast weekend..please visit other fabolous look on Modesty Theory..
See You... :)

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