Selasa, 16 November 2010

HFW Day 2 : Celebrate Good Times - Eid

Outfit (most of all are unbranded) : white paris hijab, black paris hijab worn as turban, brooches, white t-shirt, big black belt, maxi dress worn as skirt, yongki komaladi caged-shoes

Today is our second Hijab Fashion Week, my blog traffic is increase significantly because of this event (Thank you so much Em for hosting this big event.. :D) ..This is still a busy season for auditor like us so even i only have a little time, i will catch up everything about this.. :P
Tomorrow is our holy Idul Adha, that'll be my first time doing qurban and i'm sooo exciting about this..Though on calender holiday is just one day, i'm going home to celebrate Idul Adha with my family in Bandung..

This is my second experience to dress up my hijab ( First time is when i go to my coleague's wedding)..Actualy it's so simple and i only need less than a half hour doing this :P..i love this look because turban style is very inspiring for me and it's still cover up my chess..

Still got 5 days left, keep turn your eyes on us and please kindly visit to see the whole look..
Have a nice day everyone!!!!!! :)

6 komentar:

  1. I love the way you have wrapped your hijab :)

  2. waa cute hijab style!
    love the skirt too!

  3. So cute, mashaAllah!
    I love your hijab style :)

  4. Eid Mubarak!
    I liked the beautiful skirt and sandals.
    I am not taking part in the HFW, but I am appreciating it here from South America.
    Visit my blog too.

  5. @ Shums : thank you :)
    @ dsy : thank you, i currently visit your blog it's great.. :)
    @ Haute : Thank you :)
    @ Denise Bomfim : thank you, Salaaamm.. :)

  6. suka dengan stylenya mbak.