Kamis, 18 November 2010

HFW Day 4 : Vacation Is Where I Wanna Be - Vacation / Holiday

Outfit : Rabbani hijab, Giselle blouse, mom's maxi skirt, papilon bag, rabbani brooches, marie claire gladiator sandal

Salam ladies,
Vacation should be fun and memorable, i choose this fun outfit to accompany me spending a whole day on vacation :D..Not too colourful but i like the natural colours on my body..By the way this theme reminds me of next week..I'm going to Bangka with colleagues!!!!..I can't wait for next week..It'll be sooooo much fun since outing this year has been cancelled several times..

As i said yesterday, this week is gonna be a loooooooongg week..related to my assignment : there are many deadlines, a lot of things to be followed up and on Friday everything must be clear :(..On the weekend, i must face two test sequentially..hope everything will be alright, amiiiiiiinnn...
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Thank you for checking mine.. :)

3 komentar:

  1. style yang bagus hari ini......

  2. handbag tu sgt cantik:)

  3. @ all : thank you for appreciating.. :)