Sabtu, 20 November 2010


Copying from my page on Looklet

Instead of completing my working paper i ended with this look on looklet :P..Seriously in love with the trench coat that makes me want to go searching some good and fine fabric and take them to the tailor hehe..i'll lengthen my "To Buy" list for this :P..
It's suitable on winter season but for two-seasons country like mine just choose light and unsleeve tunic and if you're a walker, wedges boots might be a good companion :)..
One tips from me, if you're wearing mostly on brownie colour just put something with different colour to avoid the look becomes dull and dirty..In this look i added a fadded skinny jeans..
Unfortunately, on looklet that contains designer's stuff, i couldn't find many choices of scarf that can be used as hijab..i've imagined that Sonia Rykiel's scarf is worn as a hijab on that look, must be good.. :)

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