Sabtu, 20 November 2010

HFW Day 6 : Dating.. *Wink

Outfit : Donnatelo Scarf, Candice Cardgi, tailored made skirt worn as dress, unbranded leging, scorpion boots, papilon bag, brooch, unbranded belt

Salam ladies,
This is my favourit theme of all since i've never wore this kind of outfit when having a date with My Sora :P..Purple outfit always boost up my confidence and i decided to pair it with leather..
My Sora took this picture a couple weeks ago at Grand Indonesia..There are many beautiful spots to be used as a background..inspite of people who were staring at me while we were doing a photo session :P...

Aaarrggg, actually i'm too tired for writing this post..So thank you for checking my look, have a blast weekens and don't forget to visit  Modesty Theory..
Seeee Youuuuu...

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  1. hi Esa. i love the color of ur cardigan. and your boots! gorgeous!