Senin, 15 November 2010

HFW Day 1 : "Money On My Mind"

Outfit : unbranded paris hijab, tailor made tunic (designed by me :p ), arnessio pants, scorpion shoes, papilon bag

I was having such a bad day and didn't have time to write on this post but in the end of today i decided to write something..
This is my daily look when i go to my client..Currently, i'm working as an auditor for international accounting firm located at Jakarta..As an auditor, every year we always have a busy time for about 9 months and must go to our client..That's why i wear pants alot, because i am a public transportation user and usualy get client that located far from my lodging house.

The details :


Shoes & Tunic

I love to design my own clothes and this tunic is one of my sketch..I often buy some fabric and go to the tailor to get her sew it for me..The result is sometime dissapointed me but overall her work is good and i'm happy when i pick my new dress made by her..

Kindly please visit to see the all the looks :)..
Happy HFW, everyone!!!!!!!!

6 komentar:

  1. Love the tunic! and the scarf! :)

  2. you design the top by your own?that's great :)

  3. yup..that's my habit when i'm getting bored digging some numbers..:)

  4. aiiih,,,tunic nya bagus banget...
    design sendiri pula...kereeen