Jumat, 19 November 2010

HFW Day 5 : Weekend Wear

Outfit : unbranded paris hijab, mix it cardigan & tunic, no name jeans, crocs, reebok bag

Salam ladies,
So this gonna be a quick post since i'm running out of my time (wuuuuuuaaaaaaaa, weekend is already coming.. >,<)..
Actually, this oufit is a repost from my older posting but i still can use it for this day theme..I always love combination of tunic and cardi, it boosts up my mood hehe..On the weekend i usually hang out either with girls or My Sora or both :)..but when i need a time to be alone, just relax and enjoying weekend on my room i preffer my pajamas :P..

Btw, today i try to wear my hijab using different style..hope it'll look good on me :), i'll post it later..and i've got an invitation to watch Siska's first film on INNAFF at Blitz (Grand Indonesia)..yay!!!!!
Hope everything's going right today, Amiiiinnn!!!!
Please visit to see the whole look of the participants.. :)

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