Rabu, 17 November 2010

HFW Day 3 : Girls Just Wanna Have Fun - Girls Night Out

Outfit : Donatello scarf, chinesse summer dress, inner shirt, logo jeans, bettina shoes, unbranded frog purse

Salam Ladies,
Happy Eid Mubarrak!!!!!!!!
Today's theme is what i usually wear when going out with my friends..I usually wear this kind of outfit when we're going out..Simple pattern and model with a touch of colourful..I really love summer dress eventhough the one that i wore in the picture doesn't have flowery pattern :P..
I bought this summerdress on Gedebage, Bandung..It is a large park divided into lot of lots that sale second stuffs..If you were lucky enough you'll find designer's stuffs there..But i can't stand by the dust, it makes me sniffs all the time and by end of my shopping there i always get sick.. :(

This frog purse is a gift from my friend when i was on senior high school..I still keep it because it's very unique, made from beads that sewn on the top of the purse..My mom gave me this butterfly ornament shoes last year..It has kitten heels which make this shoes more feminine..

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Happy holiday everyone!!!! :D

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  1. lol that tiny little purse is so cute, i want it >:|