Selasa, 09 November 2010

Blazer & Skirt

Left Side : LV Fall 2010
Right Side : Martini Fall 2010

This fall season 2010, skirt and minimalist style will be a great inspirations to wear. Designers seems too tired to make a complex design. Midi skirt that flowing just like LV's will be much seen on the runway.Actually this kind of outfit was also popularized by Prada in the late 1990 and now, Celine through its designer, Phoebe Phillo, make it as a kind of modern yet trendy style to follow..Yaay, it's classic revival!!
I heart the combination of skirt and LV's blazer and tried to copy it.. :P
This is my look Todayyy.. :)

Outfit : unbranded Paris hijab, Zara Basic Blazer, Rheina T-shirt, Tailor Made Grey Skirt

It's been a long time since the last time i wore that Zara blazer gift from My Sora..So today i decided to wear it, mix with grey skirt. Last time i wear it with a trouser my client said that i look like a doctor :(...but today was definitely different..I thought a soft colour skirt is a great choice to be pair with this white blazer..People won't think you come from some hospital near their office.. :P..Besides, my client now is located at Prudential Tower, their bussiness is lease a buliding not automotive manufacturing again and people at that place tend to wear formal outfit.
The size, cutting, and colour of That blazer are great but still i don't really like the shoulder pads, made me looks older and my shoulder looks too sharp hehehe..
Kindly thought that it would be nice if i add an accessoriess but then realized it is a minimalist style so i changed my mind.. :P

Shoes by Scorpion

I don't have much high heels to go to the office since i am still a public transportation user who usually wear sandals from my lodging house and change it when arrived but this is my favourite black one..Not a branded shoes actually but their pair of shoes is soooo comfy to wear even if i have to walk down the street..I have another pair with tan colour..

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