Senin, 22 November 2010

Square Scarf

Outfit : Giovanni scarf, heart-shapped brooche, marshella blouse, logo jeans, marie claire sandals, papilon bag & belt

Salam Ladies,
At last friday, after office hour i attended my friend's film premiere (lucky me, there was no overtime for that day :p)..Her name is Siska as i told you before..That was her first debut as a film maker..The film, titled "Tanggal Merah", told us to be more tolerant with other people with different religion..
My Sora told me that her effort to pursuit her dream ( as a filmmaker ) is really inspiring..Before she joining the team to make this film, she has failed 3 times in a row but she didn't give up and..finnally this year she became a finalist of this Indonesia International Fantastic Film Festival :)..I'll be waiting for your next film, Sis!!!!

So, this is the result of my trial and error wearing square scarf with Arabian style..Commonly people wearing rectangular scarf with Arabian style but i don't have a lot of rectangular scarf to wear and then i saw my mom's scarf..My Mom and i rarely wearing those scarfs beacuse the fabric ( It's silk ) is too sleek an gets ruined easily :(..but most of them have a beautiful pattern with bold colour..I think this kind of scarf is quite awesome if it's combined with Arabian style..
Oya, when i entering Blitz Megaplex at Grand Indonesia to watch Siska's movie, Someone (I thought that he is a security personnel) asking me wether i've already arrived from pilgrimage hehehehe..I just said amiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnn :P...
In this Monday which is i don't like { The Transjakarta Busway was sooooooo crowded :( }....i just wanna say, Have a beautiful dreams and Good Night everyone..*smooch..:)

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