Jumat, 05 November 2010

Gothic Glam Fashion

Red lips and t-shirt pair with this gothic style are really strong combination of colour..If you want to steal some attention this gothic glam fashion will certainly do it for you..Find the rest of photos from Vogue Turkey November 2010 edition on, it'll still hijabify if the frills were longer to cover our hips..:P

I think i probably choose the second the red gloves actually but i'm not quite sure what's that fur use for?is it a skirt or what..Leave the fur and the suite is perfect.. :)
You know,I rarely post my office wear because i don't have a-body-size mirror and My Sora can't take my picture but today i posted my friday office wear..I took the pictures myself with handphone so the quality is not really good..
At Rest Room..

I was trying to adopt the red and black colour of Vogue's picture then ended up with too much red on my body :P.. I thought maybe i should wear black hijab and red brooches but i really wanted to wear this red paris hijab..Somehow, It brightened up my face.. :D

Outfit : Unbranded paris hijab, Candice Cardigans, unbranded tunic, No Name Jeans, Scorpion High Heels Shoes

Tips from me if you want to wear this kind of outfit : Wear red as an accessories of your entire black outfit such as shoes, jewelry, brooches or bag but you don't need something big with complex design, just choose the tiny one and let the outfit steal everybody attention..
Besides, if you wearing too much red, people will think you'll go to political campaign..*wink.. :P

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