Senin, 01 November 2010


Another great weekend came in the end of October..Me and my Sora decided to watch movies respectively, i wanted to see "Eat,Pray and Love" and he choosed "Step Up 3D"..
And that was a looooooonggg saturday night..

Outfit : alisha hijab, unbranded under shirt, promod scarf wore as dress, logo jeans, crocs, papilon belt

But before that, we arrived at Menteng park to enjoy the cloudy afternoon and took some picture (So sad, if the weather was sunny maybe the light is more bright)...
This was my first time visiting the park, usually i only pass it by..and obviously that place is Ok..
It's place for everybody to do some activities, sport, taking pictures, having a culinary tour etc.
There were a lot of snack if you hungry, from traditional ( such as tahu gejrot, bakso malang, etc) to modern (such as hot dog, beef burger, etc)
and they also have a comfort place to park your vehicle..

The right side photo will be much better if there's no a couple sitting in the bench next to me.. :P

Actually this is a scarf that i wore as a dress..It's a quite large scarf with beads sprinkle on the top of it..
I've been trying to wear it as a hijab but still don't success so i thought it will be better if i wrap it around my body, and wear it as a dress..I satisfied with this look.. :D

We were watching movies at Setiabudy One..
"Step Up 3D" is trully awesome..especially the dance, it's getting impressive than the other two althought the story is very predictable..

Left side : Banana Boat Pancake, Right side : Fruity Choco Pancake

After watching "Step Up 3D", since pancake is one of his favourit food, me and My Sora entered place called "Mr. Pancake"..
The interior is sooooo beautiful, It's an english style (just like "Nanny's Pavilion), but unlike Nanny's pancake, their pancake is softer..even i can chop it with a knife..
and its decoration is soo cute :)

View from heaven Mr. pancake's window

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  1. eh, ternyata esa nulis juga ^-^

  2. cuma menyalurkan hobi difoto yg terpendam sekian lama hehe.. :P