Minggu, 14 November 2010

Beautiful Coincidence

Outfit : unbranded paris hijab,spandex cap and scarf, tailor made long dress, armira shoes, papilon purse

A couple weeks ago My Sora asked me to accompany him to her friend's walimahan which was held on Kologdam, Bandung on Saturday Nov 12, 2010. Then i told my parents that i'm going to go to the event, My Mom shocked because she's going to the same Walimahan took place on Kologdam and when i asked what's the name of the bride My Mom  answerred the same as My Sora..It was a beautiful coincidence to go to someone's Walimahan with My Family and My Future Husband.. :)

My Mom allowed me to wear her dress because the dress is look good on me rather than if she's wearing it :P..Actually it's not my size, shoulders of the dress looks down on me and i can't see curve of my body on it hehe..but it is a great dress,i love the outer which was made from lace ( I asked the merchant.. :P). The combination of purple and yellow on my hijab is also beautiful, i dressed my hijab on the last minute..:)

My Dad, My Mom, Me, and My Little Brother (Daffa)

We went to Alisha after the event and i found some good stuffs there..I bought my first bangle..yes, this is the first time i buy a bangle and felt very exciting.. :P..I also planned to buy a pashmina to wear it with Arabian style and i found these hijab..

The fabrics are sooooo soft even thought size of these pashmina is quite big to wear as a hijab..but i don't care, i felt in love with the fabrics and pattern and decided to buy these two pashmina..Arrived at home, i'm doing nothing but trying to wrap it on my head and copying that Arabian style on mine.. :P

By the way, the next 7 days will be the busiest week ever as i'm joining Hijab Fashion Week, will face the TPA test for BPK recruitment and the last but not least, my assignment on client..Ya Allah, give me more power, consistensy, and concentration..Amiiiiiiiiinnnn...
Good Night everyone, Have an Ice Cream.. :P

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