Rabu, 22 September 2010

Day Three

Day Three : Lazyness still infected us.
Location    : Sunter.
Weather    : Raining.

Selasa, 21 September 2010

Go Green

My Outfit : unvranded green paris hijab,mix it cardigan, unbranded short dress, unbranded straight jeans, black crocs, green bag reebok

Actually, my favourit colour is purple but this greeny outfit is really caught me in the eye hehe. I usually wear this kind of outfit on Friday because my office give us a chance to use a non-formal outfit on this day.I Love the combination between short dress and the cardigan. It makes me easily match it with jeans and if the busy season comes and i have to go home at six a.m. it really helps :) , only change the paris hijab with an instant hijab.Well, in my office you'll rarely see people (esp. women) wearing a formal outfit such as blazer.

For watching movies or hang out with my friends i choose a big bag because i always bring a lot of stuffs such as drinking water, mukena, small towell, tissue etc and yes, i'm a well-prepared person :D...My sora often ask me about the stuffs that i bring on the bag and i just tell him to take a look at him self..and this kind of conversation always happen when we go shopping or watch movies, ended with my sullen face.

I found this brooche sold in front of Pasar Baru Bandung with only IDR 5.000,-

Btw, i posted this on my office hihihiih.My team and i supposed to be in client's office today (located at Sunter) but since there was Halal Bihalal held by our group whis was located near office so we decided to go to the office on afternoon. Oia, this photo was taken at Plaza Semanggi by my lovely Sora on Saturday afternoon.

Sabtu, 18 September 2010


"Hidup berjalan sesuai dengan apa yang kita pikirkan, bukan sebaliknya"
- Siti Walidah on "Sang Pencerah"-

My Life is Not as Monochrome as This

With Blackpackers People

I was having a great time on Friday, started from bday lunch invitation from Nia,Sui,Chandra and David at DOME (Plaza Indonesia ) until watching "Sang Pencerah" together with Blackpackers people and My Sora (He picked me up at the office :D)...Soooooo happppyyy, friday is already a weekend isn't it? so happy althought the food at DOME was not that good (Even Milo is better than its hot chocholate)..but the view straight to Bunderan HI is sooooo beautiful. I think i should ask Nia to give me copy of those photos, huhuhuhu i didn't take a picture because DOME was very crowded and it was too shame for me taking picture alone hehe.By the way, i like the film a was great..i mean the casts, story, background, love every element of it althought it was not covered all of the real story about Muhammadiyah and Ahmad Dahlan..I recomended that film to be watched..It will inspire you in many ways of life.. :)

My Outfit : unbranded white paris hijab, black stripe polo t-shirt, grey baby corduroy taylor made skirt, grey long socks sox galery, black crocs

And it was also my first photo session, digging my burried talent...was not bad ( trying to justify myself heehehhe) i hope it will be better again and again :D...Actually i am not so often wearing a skirt..not for boyish reason and so on, it's simply because wearing skirt is not really support my mobility and it's difficult to riding motorcycle while wearing it. This skirt is not too long so i played with the socks to cover the whole leg. I always prefer socks than legging because wearing socks makes me easy to take a wudhu.

I was taking picture in Setiabudhi One, the place that we also watched "Sang Pencerah"..the man behind the lens was My Sora.. :D
Nite everyone..Have an ice cream.. :)

Kamis, 16 September 2010

Long Extension

Currently googling for converse and this picture was pop up..It's cute and weird in the same time.. :P..must be difficult for hijaby like us if the pray time comes..

Rabu, 15 September 2010


New ring from My Sora..

People always wondering about the right person to spend the rest of their life with. I spent all of my age asking the same question too wether this person is “Mr. Right” or not. And then I found you. A Couple months ago, someone said that he wanted to give me alternative choice beside you. But still, for me as I told him, searching for the right person means enjoying my commitment with you, grow old together with you and our relationship and praying that if you are the right person for me God please easier our way.

Selasa, 14 September 2010

When He's Out Of Town..

My Sora..This is what i did when you get lost..

lia with gachil


Surprisingly this so-unbranded-tunic could match with my chocolate sandal and skinny jeans

was took in the rest room mirror..

sweet..sweet..sour.. :P

love my expression, pink hijab and colour of the chair..